The Yucca Spiders - a Rock And Roll Band

ROCK AND ROLL - these words stand for sex, loud guitars, glistening sweat, pushing the envelope and great entertainment. All these things are radiated by the two ladies and two gentlemen we are talking about in generous amounts, when they unite to form THE YUCCA SPIDERS, the unstoppable music machine.
They manage to put a satisfied smile on your, the spectator's, dropped and drooling chin, while they wallow their way through classics like "Give Me Pussy" or brand new ditties such as "Let Me Eat". Only together they are capable of activating their "Pussywhippin' Cock'N'Roll Power", still there is enough room left to shine for the individual strength of each member, be it "The Shaky-Shaky", "The Deep Vroom", "The Wailin' Git", "The Patented YUCCA SPIDERS Blood Noise", "The Dirty Jazz Boom", "The Sexy Voice", you name it...
ROCK AND ROLL is also music, which is celebrated and honored by THE YUCCA SPIDERS and their beloved audience (quote:'You're a wonderful audience!') in the spirit of The Cramps, Iggy and the Stooges, Elvis, The Seeds, The Oblivians, The Devil Dogs, The New York Dolls, The Dead Boys and many more.
So don't you miss the ....(insert date here), when THE YUCCA SPIDERS play at the....(insert venue here), wouldn't you love to sweat, scream and party with them?


Sandrooshka - bass, voc
Suza Growl - git, perc, voc
Super Hound Dog - dr
Val - git, voc

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1999 - CD "Outsider...Toprider!" (Kamikaze Rec.)
2003 - Vinyl only LP "ZODIAC" feat. Bela B. u.a. (La Poussiquette Rec.)
2004 - Split Single mit You Suck (Swamp Room Rec.)
Herbst 2006 - CD "Otis Kisses Grandma's Face"(Arbeitstitel) ( La Poussiquette Rec.)

Sampler: Banzai-Sampler, Ox-Sampler, "20 Years too late - a tribute to The Nomads", "It's Not Just Boy's Fun"